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PostSubject: REGIMENTS   Fri Nov 19, 2010 7:59 pm

As a reminder about what the Regional regiment is all about:

I want us, THE AMMY ARMY, to organize regionally. Here is what I am proposing.....We design ARMY stall curtains (Desert Cammy in honor of our desert horses and those Americans that are actually in the desert right now), doing the things that afford us the opportunity to go to horse shows), and we have a set of those curtains (or mutiple sets) in each region. We start threads on this website (AMMY ARMY REG 10, AMMY ARMY REG 7, etc) so that people in a region can communicate with each other concerning the shows they intend to show at. Army members within a region can then coordinate the show, hang the DESERT CAMMY curtains, and help each other during the show. They can help groom, prep, cheer, etc. so that NO ARMY MEMBER is left alone to fend for themselves. Members can help each other haul to shows, set up the stalls, buy the beer, drink the beer, etc....

The curtains would be DESERT CAMMY with THE AMMY ARMY in black. There will be NO SUCH THING as high money client and low money will be a group of PEERS that band together to make the show experience much more fun and enjoyable. People from all over the show grounds will approach the Army members to see what is going on and our numbers will skyrocket. Remember, if the playing field were level, there would be no need for AOTH and AOTR classes. The field is not level and we need to band together...not just at this wonderful site, but at the shows as well. If the group decided to purchase Patron Packages or sponsor classes, they can pitch in together. Can you imagine hearing "This class sponsored by THE AMMY ARMY"...too cool. Each member would pay their own entry fees and stall fees, but the group can pitch in for tack stalls, prep stalls, keep the cost down. By banding together you will all be FULLY RELEVENT with a show committee and enjoy the experience with a GROUP.

So, in keeping with the orginal notion that this thing of ours was NOT going to be fully structured, was not going to have membership dues, a board of directors, titles, etc....I would like for people to volunteer to be REGIONAL COORDINATORS.....Not Regional Directors, or Vice Presidents, etc....JUST "COORDINATORS". High energy people who like putting people together and helping out. The Coordinator's job would be to monitor the Regional Ammy Army thread, perhaps keep a list of contact numbers and then help people within their Region "get together". Once the Regional Army gets things together, the regional members can pitch in to buy THEIR stall curtains for THEIR use. If a Regional Army Brigade decided to buy more than one set of curtains, so be would be THEIR decision. Also, we need to keep the Regional support open to everyone...The AMMY ARMY thread has focused upon halter, but we are not going to limit it to that. The CAMMY curtains are open to everyone...WP, EP, HP, SHIH, Halter....FILL THE STALLS. If you are an Ammy who believes in the ethical, fair treatment of our horses, then you are an AMMY ARMY SOLDIER and should really consider banding with like minded people. There are NO DUES, NO SECRET HANDSHAKES, and NO INTIMIDATION.
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