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 Howdy from North Carolina!

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Howdy from North Carolina! Empty
PostSubject: Howdy from North Carolina!   Howdy from North Carolina! EmptySun Mar 25, 2012 2:11 pm

Hello there! Warm wishes from North Carolina...

I have two mares, one an Egyptian and mostly Crabbet mix named Angelique Dream and the other, more recent purchase, Rosettaa who is a Straight Egyptian. Angel I plan on training to do Endurance whereas Rosettaa I am hoping to use as my foundation mare to what I hope will be my future Straight Egyptian breeding establishment. I am breeding her this year, in April, to Thee Desperado. Hopefully the resulting foal will be stunning!

I am in the Army National Guard, and was in Baghdad from April 2009 until Feb. of 2010. I loved being deployed, and I would have been in Afghanistan this coming May had I not injured my knee and had to have Surgery back in June. BUT I believe everything happens for a reason, and that someone must have had another plan for me because I first ran into Angel for sale and then, not long after, came across Rosettaa and found myself absolutely and completely falling head over heels for the Egyptian Arabian breed.

I have been riding and working with horses for about eleven years now. My first horse was a beautiful liver bay Quarter Horse/Tennessee Walker mix who would do absolutely everything that I asked him to do. Then came my mother's horse, Cypress Rose, a large bodied tri-colored paint mare who was skilled at cutting and roping.

My mom passed away in 2006 and in 2007 I joined the Army National Guard with the intention to some day join Active Duty and try and get as far away from anything and everything that reminded me of my mother. Then, when I got back from basic and AIT, I had the owner of the barn where I kept my horses find Rosie and C.B. a good home.. Rosie went to a farm that specialized in training sport horses and C.B. went to a little boy who was chronically ill.

Two months before I came home from my deployment in Iraq I found out that C.B had passed away from a sudden attack of colic. I was, again, devastated. I shied away from horses and wanted nothing to do with riding or being around them.

Then when I was on the computer about two and a half months ago, I came across Angel. To this day I don't know what I was doing in order to have her ad pop up, or what I was looking at that had anything to do with horses, but it was as if I suddenly couldn't stop looking at her pictures or thinking about her and I couldn't really even focus at work because her dark eyes and white face kept popping up in my mind. So I went to see her and, lo and behold, she took my breath away. I had to have her, and I have gone out there every day since I bought her to see her, play with her, ride her, or just walk her out into the pasture and sit down to read a book while she grazes. I haven't missed a day yet and if I can't get out there during the daytime because of work, I go out there at night.

I like to think that Angel is really just as her namesake. I like to think that my Mother who is up in heaven looking down on me sent Angel to me so that I would be able to love these beautiful creatures again and realize that horses are my passion and my life. Angel has made me happier and more lively, and I can't imagine a day without her anymore.

This sudden journey I've thrust myself into will be hard, I know. I am no where near what people would call 'financially stable' and I've had a few people, including family members, call me 'crazy' or 'out of my mind.' But I take one look at Angel, and will soon be looking at Rosettaa when she finally makes it to North Carolina from Washington, as her belly grows and a miracle is born, and know that this is what's right.. this is what I am supposed to do in life, and I will (as you say) have absolutely no regrets, nor will I say sorry to anyone for the choices that I am making now.

Here's to wishing everyone luck in their endeavors, and prayers that life WILL get better no matter how hard the road might be.
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Howdy from North Carolina!
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