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 Region 3 ammy with many shadows!

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Region 3 ammy with many shadows! Empty
PostSubject: Region 3 ammy with many shadows!   Region 3 ammy with many shadows! EmptySat Nov 17, 2012 11:21 pm

Hello! My name is Morgan and I live in the north eastern corner of California, (an hour north of Reno, NV). AKA the boondocks.

I have 3 young sons and had been out of the show curcuit for 13 years before I was finally able to go back in the ring. I have a 1/2 arabian gelding named Too Much Trouble who I ride Hunter Pleasure. He's a tough horse that took 9 years to grow out of his "baby" stage. He's finally grown up and is my love bug! I showed with a trainer and had fun with her barn but found it hard to not offend some clients when I have 3 small shadows at all times. My horses love the kids and let them crawl all over them but not all owners feel like I do about it. I look forward to not having to worry about my kids offending someone at the shows and doing it all by myself!

I had plans of showing this year then 3 of my 4 horses coliced. We never had a single colic in 18 years then in 3 months we had 3!! We lost my beloved mare on the first colic. It was devistating to our entire family. She was our princess and babysat our kids as well as our handicapped neices. She was the "one in a million" horse and we'll never be the same without her. No We were extreamly lucky to get a foal from her 18 months before we lost her and he has much of his mothers traits. I can't wait to show him!!

So needless to say, my show budget has been damaged! Now here I sit, hoping and trying to save enough to make it to the Regional show in July. Being that my horse is already qualified, that is the only show I might be able to do. Heartbreaking for me to admit that I may only be able do this one show but that's the breaks!

I would love to try and meet some people at the shows. Just don't be offended by my many shadows. Very Happy
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Region 3 ammy with many shadows!
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