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 Looking for a child safe CEP Walk/Trot show horse

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PostSubject: Looking for a child safe CEP Walk/Trot show horse   Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:08 pm

I know this is not the perfect match of topic and forum - but would like to be able to post here later if all goes well.
We are looking for a child safe Walk/Trot CEP horse for my 6 year old granddaughter, Bella. She has been around horses all of her life and has been taking saddleseat lessons since she was four at Cash Lovell Stables (yes, the family that makes saddleseat bits). She is currently cantering on lesson horses and we think it is time for her to try Walk/Trot in the showring in Class A. She is totally unafraid, but is not an aggressive rider, and happy to just ride. Therefore, we are looking for a gentle, "been there, done that" kind of older show horse. We are not looking to win at Youth Nationals, just to let Bella get some experience and follow her love of riding. She is a very petite child, maybe 45#, and adores Arabians - so a small (or really small) purebred is what we would love to find for her. I wish I had something that would do saddleseat, since we have 35 horses and ponies (not a hoarder - just can't part with my geriatrics - so they stay and add to the feed bill, LOL), but most are hunters, jumpers, and western. We also have a bunch of young (1-3 year old) Arab/Welsh crosses that are still too young for Bella. Soooo... what I am looking for is:
1. well trained (extremely important for us)
2. older and gentle (extremely important)
3. some show experience - so they won't freak out at a show
4. small - definitely an asset
5. ability - not so important - as long as they can ride in a saddleseat-ish kind of frame
6. would prefer purebred, would consider a Half-Arab, pretty is always nice
7. gender - mare or gelding (we tried out a little lesson horse last summer, but just couldn't buy an older stallion and geld it for a 6 year old)
8. color - Bella currently loves bays, has loved greys in the past - so not very important in the grand scheme of things.
9. location - we can travel to pick up the horse - but it would be easier if close to North Carolina
10. price - would prefer to keep it under $3500.

The horse that eventually comes here would have excellent care. ( As I said, I have a herd of geriatrics that range in age from 17-30, and have owned them most of their lives) We would provide references from our vet and trainer if unsure.
I just have to think that someone has a pretty, little old retired show horse that they would be willing to part with and know that the horse would be loved and well cared for.
Anyone, anyone, Beuller?
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Looking for a child safe CEP Walk/Trot show horse
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