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 Missing Horse/Crosspost

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PostSubject: Missing Horse/Crosspost   Missing Horse/Crosspost EmptyThu Jun 17, 2010 5:28 pm

A friend is searching for a horse she sold to an Arabian owner. The following is cross posted from a local forum, with permission from the OP. Any help is appreciated.

[quote] As many of you know, I sold Mae, my first Mustang from the '08 EMM, in February. I sold her to what I thought was the perfect home . The lady that bought her emailed me for about 2 months on her before she bought her. She shows Arabians very prominantly (and dogs too), and wanted Mae for her daughter to eventually show as a hunter. She gave me a bit of a sob story about her price (she was in the process of moving, husband said no more, etc) and we settled on a next to nothing price because I THOUGHT she was going to the right home. She had said she'd be sending her to a trainer for 6 months, then riding her herself for another 6 months, and then she'd pass her on to her daughter. Sounded quite perfect.

Anyhow, Lauren and I delivered Mae to her at a horse show in Waco, where again, we left beaming that Mae had found the perfect home. Her buyer had a stall plate engraved with her name on it, and a halter with a brass name plate also engraved with her name. She loved Mae when she saw her and I was sure it was a good deal. We exhanged money and paperwork, I told her if it didn't work out Mae always had a home with me, and to keep me updated with info and pics. She said she'd be sending me more updates and pics than I would probably ever want.

About a month later I hadn't heard anything, and I noticed she was online on FB, so I sent her a chat message asking about Mae. She said that things had been really crazy there and that she'd been keeping her at a friend's house who was doing some training on her. My gut said she had either already rehomed her or was considering it, so I told her that I sold her Mae in good faith because I knew she was a good home for her AND that I knew if she couldn't keep her she would ensure she got a good home. I asked to at least keep me posting with her new owner's contact info and to always keep me aware of her location.

Skip to about 2 weeks ago (mind you, I had heard nothing out of her since then). I get a call from the BLM that Mae's title paperwork never processed. I had taken her into the vet in January for the inspection and sent it in with my title app at that time. The agent at the BLM did not dispute that, just said that it must have gotten lost and that I needed to resubmit. At this point I figured I'd just have her owner take her in for an inspection, and we'd apply for title and transfer at the same time. I texted her that day and said just that. She texted me back and said that Mae had been sold twice and she had no idea where she was.

I was pretty upset, but stayed cool, texted back and said that we needed to work to find her ASAP. She said she felt horrible about it and would do all she could to help me find Mae and even to get her back (which I don't need to do if she's in a good home, I just need to know where she is). She said to give her a week and she'd find her. I did just that, and a week later, texted and asked for an update. She said she was pregnant and so upset over this that she was afraid she was risking her unborn baby's life and refused to allow herself to get so involved. She then said to give her another week. I asked for contact info on the lady she sold her to and said I'd do the detective work to find her, but she said she wasn't friends with her anymore over this, and had no contact info.

A week later I text again asking for an update. She said she knew the family that had her and would have her back or at least contact info in the next few days. A few days later I text for an update again. She says this time she knows nothing and that she is done with this and with me and that I need to move on. She said she called the BLM and EMM and "made sure" that I wouldn't be in trouble for this (which is BS) and that I just need to get over it. She tells me she was in the hospital for spotting and worried again about losing her child. I told her to be careful, to stay calm and that there is no reason to get upset over this, but that I also wouldn't be held accountable for her health, that I only expect her to honor her end of our deal and her word to me. Then her husband texts me and says they are done and to leave them alone. I did, until today, when I texted her and asked her to give me the contact info (again) of the lady she sold her to so that I could track this and not have her involved at all. She told me she wouldn't give me that info, but that by the end of the month, she would have her back, keep her forever, and send me regular picture updates. I told her I don't care if she buys her back, who owns her, etc., I just need to know WHERE SHE IS.

I posted an ad on Craigslist, which was flagged and removed promptly (I can post a copy of this ad if anyone is interested), and apparently, she saw it (seriously it was up less than 10 minutes) because she called me on it and said "to keep this off the internet." She said not to contact her again until she has contacted me.

I left a message with my agent at the BLM today and will just tell her the entire story and see what we need to do. I have also asked my vet to keep note and contact info of anyone that contact them (since her coggins is in my name, unless a new one has been drawn).

I'm not sure what else to do. Her buyer has really done nothing WRONG other than not keep me posted on her whereabouts as she agreed to do. It was her horse and she was entitled to sell her. It was my bad for misjudging her home, and I own that. I do need to find this filly though. For two reasons. One, for the BLM. Two and most importantly, she was special to me, and I feel I owe her the best shot at a good life. I don't want her back, BUT I will absolutely buy her back if I need to. My point is I'm not trying to take her from someone if they love her and want her.

Here is the info I have, and I'm only posting here incase anyone by chance has ANY info that might lead me to finding her.

I sold her to Lisa (maiden name Knudson) and Brian Halpain of Rockwall, TX. She shows Arabians, and Sheltie and Husky dogs very regularly. I delivered her to them at an Arabian show in Waco in February.

Mae is a 2007 branded BLM Mustang mare, 13.3h (pony sized), bay with no white, aside from roaning in her flanks and a coon tail.

Any info would help. If this is seen by a lurker that has info, you can email me at [quote]
Please, if anyone knows anything please contact Rita.

The last known person in possition of this filly was Lisa Halpain of in Texas. They own the stallion TA Alandro.

Rita got this filly when she participated in the Extreme Mustang Makeover in order to help make a difference in one horse's life. She trained and competed with this filly and did really well making it to the finals. She then bought Mae back at the auction afterwards so that she wouldn't just go off with anyone!

She let her grow up for a year and then found a home for her that sounded perfect. She filled out the paperwork to claim ownership of Mae so that she could legally sell her and had her inspected by her vet for the BLM. She sent off the inspection and paperwork but sold the filly before she got anything back. She was promised picture updates, that Mae would go to a trainer, and that she would not be sold without Rita being offered a chance to buy her back and to follow where she went. When she didn't get updates she started asking questions. She had some strange email exchanges and figured out things were not right. All she wants to do is find out where Mae is, make sure she is safe, and get her papers with her. She does not want to take her back. She just wants to find her.

Because Rita contacted the BLM for help finding Mae to see if they had any info or contact about her she is now being threatened by the federal government. It turns out that the inspection/application never was processed by them. Mae is now considered stolen federal property despite the fact that she is well over the 1 year waiting period before you can sell a BLM horse and she still has a copy of the inspection. But the BLM says that Mae must be found and inspected again or Rita can be arrested and fined and that they are contacting authorities. Rita does not deserve this. She has been a great friend of the Mustang gettign a second one going under saddle for the EMM this last year. She has stayed in his life as well even after the auction and really loves these horses.

Please, if anyone knows anything, hears anything, sees a filly with a BLM brand, knows Mrs. Haplain.... anything please contact her. Any leads are appriciated.

Two days ago Lisa has stooped to a new low sending Rita a response to her CL add pretending to have bought Mae and loved her but that she had died suddelnly of colic in the pasture 2 weeks ago. It is obviously from Lisa. The amount of trouble that Lisa is going through to throw Rita off the trail makes it very scary to think of what actually has happened to her. All we are looking for is the truth of what happened to this horse.
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Number of posts : 6
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PostSubject: Re: Missing Horse/Crosspost   Missing Horse/Crosspost EmptyThu Jun 17, 2010 5:29 pm

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Missing Horse/Crosspost
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