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 Excellent Opportunity for Discriminating Breeders

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Excellent Opportunity for Discriminating Breeders Empty
PostSubject: Excellent Opportunity for Discriminating Breeders   Excellent Opportunity for Discriminating Breeders EmptyTue Dec 30, 2008 3:19 pm

Sire Line: Kuhailian Haifi OA
Dam Line: Urainkia via Forta

When undefeated racehorse Europejczyk was standing at Meadow Wood Farm in the US on lease from Poland, the farm tried and tried to produce a breeding son of Europejczyk, they crossed their esteemed daughters of legendary stallions Bask and Probat, in hopes of acheiving that feat. They didn't get many colts from the cross that were of the quality they were hoping for, but many great quality mares resulted. FELICIA SFF is one of those mares.

Excellent Opportunity for Discriminating Breeders L_4a485a59798b160927c83199563c5b07

Europejczyk was known as a sire of broodmares, and FELICIA SFF is living proof of his ability to produce invaluable dams which carry on his legacy through true quality grandget. As a dam, FELICIA SFF has produced two outstanding individuals that are on their way to making names for themselves in the show ring. She continuously adds type, refinement and body to her foals, as well as bringing the incredible athleticism illustrated in her star studded pedigree.

Excellent Opportunity for Discriminating Breeders L_305a5b632c19790f0ead969cfd6e3374
FELICIA SFF is out of Fatala, daughter of yet another incomparable stallion of legendary status, Probat. A sire of many Polish and US National champions, Probat was an esteemed athelete, having scored 10 out of 10 in Dressage while living in Poland. Fatala's dam, the mare Fata Morgana, is a daughter of Celebes; another sire noted for his athletic capabilities and prepotent way of producing foals which inherited that athleticism. Perhaps most noteworthy about FELICIA'S damline, is that she is only four generations down from Forta; one of the most influential horses in Polish history.[/size]

Excellent Opportunity for Discriminating Breeders L_8aa62e79f93157e5f0ffcad7cc9f14eb

An irreplaceable Polish treasure, FELICIA SFF is an amazing mare producing offspring of incredible quality. Her foals are big bodied, refined and typy and exhibit excellent athletic capability. Her foals also wonderful dispositions, and are very intelligent and willing individuals.

Excellent Opportunity for Discriminating Breeders L_a0bc047122de526552b5c6d7d7c6d844

We are offering FELICIA SFF for an on-site lease as an invaluable opportunity to the discriminating breeder to incorporate some of the best of the best in Polish breeding into your program. If you think the foals she's produced for us are outstanding, just imagine what she could produce when crossed with some of today's best Polish stallions!
Excellent Opportunity for Discriminating Breeders L_2a6865576dc696bd878a36a2f04dc2c4

Inquire today to find out more about this exciting opportunity!
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Excellent Opportunity for Discriminating Breeders
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