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 The Savannah Bloodstock/FAME Group Endorsed Stallions

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PostSubject: The Savannah Bloodstock/FAME Group Endorsed Stallions   Fri Dec 19, 2008 6:39 am

A group of the very best & most highly honored Arabian Stallions in our entire world.

They are a unique selection of… the Elite Fame VF+ Sons… the very Best of the Fame Related Stallions… the Exceptional Non Fame VF+ Related “Out-Cross” Stallions… and the International group of Fame VF+ Sons & Related Stallions.

You might say that this is a “library” indexed with historical greatness and even more importantly… the very future of the Arabian Breed.

SavannaH Bloodstock is extremely honored to note and recommend each of these great Stallions to the serious & entity conscious Mare Owner. Whether you own a Fame VF+ Daughter, Fame VF+ related Mare or a total out-cross Mare… there is a great Stallion and program within this group.

The Elite Fame VF+ Sons
In our life time... we rarely have the opportunity to develop an entity to the point where it will pro-create a continuing legacy… for ever and ever in time. This is what we do when we breed Arabian Horses like this elite group of Fame VF+ sons. The longer the period of time that passes, the greater their legacy.

These Stallions…could, very well, be the most acclaimed paternal group of Stallions on the face of our earth. The FAME Group.

Amazing Fame V

Audacious PS

Desert Heat VF+/

Link To Fame

LBA LodeStar+++

Mark Of Fame

National Fame



Starof Fame V+/

VJ Tamaras Fame


The Elite Fame VF+ Related Stallions

The tremendous influences of the great Fame VF+… have become increasingly evident in the pedigrees of the elite of our Show Ring. This is the result of the inherent powers of his great sons & daughters… and their get & produce.

The Elite Fame VF+ Related Stallions… consists of the very best of the extraordinary young Sires of the world-wide Arabian Horse Breed.

These Stallions offer the option of “line-breeding” to Fame VF+ related Mares; or a “touch” of Fame VF+ for the out-cross Mares.

DaVinci FM

First Cyte


MPA Giovanni

NYN Hisani

Odyssey SC

The Elite Outcross Stallions

SavannaH Bloodstock’s pledge… is to aggressively promote the very best of the Arabian Breed. Our focus is put, naturally & aggressively, on the greatness achieved by the extensive Fame VF+ “sire-line”.

But… to do this with legitimacy and continuing success… we had to realize the need for an outreach to excellent non-Fame VF+ related “blood”.

With the clarity of this goal in mind… we diligently researched the qualities of scores of Stallions… and their controlling ownership & management entities and have shortened the list to include only the very best. All have proven their value to the Fame VF+ “sire-line” by siring exceptional & proven individuals when bred to Fame VF+ bred Mares. All… have a tremendous “up-side” for Breeders who strive for the greatest economic & emotional rewards.


*Jullyen El Jamaal


*Magic Dream CAHR

ML Mostly Padron

Om El Shattakhan

Out Of Cyte

The ELITE International Fame VF+ Stallions


Fame Maker R

Keep The Fame

Krimson Fame

Lumiar Avalon

Sandstorm JC

SavannaH Bloodstock - Home of The FAME Group
Dick Adams
Sales & Breeding Consultation
(805) 689-0876Cell
Christina Rousseau
Promotion & Public Relations
(330) 419-0357 Cell
(480) 794-1921 Office
(480) 907-1453 FAX

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The Savannah Bloodstock/FAME Group Endorsed Stallions
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