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 Question about shoeing...

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PostSubject: Question about shoeing...   Thu Apr 15, 2010 3:28 pm

Ok here is my thing,

My gelding has great feet. And he is barefoot late September till late April, only shoed for showing purposes. Also is an out 24/7 weather permitting horse...even with his shoes on. Well I've been working with him extensively (no extremes) for his move to CEP which he loves. He looks great without shoes but I know for an edge Im going to be shoeing him...fronts only. I already started talking to my farrier last time around on how I want his shoeing changed.

Well he is going to be out in a week. After much debating I think I am going to put pads on for his little edge. But heres the thing I get the edge when he wears his weighted bell boots. Well his shoes dont provide that much alone and a full pad is too much (obviously he tires quicker if to much weight, we do ACS shows so we dont get as much time between classes) and I really don't want full pads as he is good at getting them sucked off in mud even being silicone filled. Well I have found between his shoes and if its possible a 1/2" rim pad would give me the perfect weight.

I know 1/2" rim pads aren't something we hear about, let alone getting a hold of some. Wondering what your thoughts on the shoe with 1/2" rim pad? The kicker is the company I work for carries all the same materials used for pads, wedges...except leather. So I can get them made up easy...even made out of neoprene for good shock absorption, for dirt cheap.

But anythoughts are welcome, he'll be out April 21 and our first show is the 24th...just a fuzzy warm up though so no worries. I just wont take him cold to our ACS shows cause they are 3 days long with normally 120 plus horses a show. Yeah some of our ACS shows are bigger than some of the class A's here.

Ok Ive babbled. Thoughts?
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PostSubject: Re: Question about shoeing...   Thu Apr 15, 2010 3:42 pm

Be careful of the toe length that you end up with. You are probably going to have to wedge a pad that thick. Would not go with straight neoprene on a performance horse - it flexes too much, your shoes/nails will be loose and you will overstress his hoof walls (if the shoes stay on). I really would opt for a full pad instead. JMHO Smile
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Question about shoeing...
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